Ohio Club Interior 1905
taco tuesday
southwest burger
ohio burger
ohio club guitar
mushroom on table
patty melt
rueben sliders
Maddens No 1
back bar
Big Al Templeton
The Ohio Club 2017

Ohio Club entrance with 1935 Buick

Ohio Club house beer, Schultz Bock
Mike Lovelady
Alice and Marsha
Holy guacamole burger
Alice and Dona
Byron Yancy on Bass
Mike and Dona Pettey
Mark, Mike & Mike
NYE 2017 Mike & Dona
Ohio Club house beer, Maddens No 1
Ohio Burger
Mike and his 1935 Buick
Dona Pettey
Terry Wallace and Alice
Dona Pettey
Larry Womack
Shirley Chauvin
Brandon Santini
Ultimate Bloody Mary
Larry and Jackie
Mike and Skyman
Tom and Scooter
John Wold and Kathy
St Pattys Day with Monty and Dick
Todd and Kathy Marchese
Chris and Andrea Crary
Clyde Pound
Thursday Night Jazz
Mike and Terry Thompson
David Higginbotham
Dishongh, Dona and Mike
Worlds Best Reuben
Ohio Club Burger
Bob Dion and Shannon Sabatini
Dona Pettey
Mike and Dona Pettey
Ohio Club Blues Guitar
Ohio Club Back Bar

At around 130 years old, this has been in the Ohio Club for around 100 years now. Worth a trip to see!

Ohio Club Bar
Debby and Dishongh
Greg Batterton belting out the Blues
Chicago Bob
Nothing like a little sax
Rodney Harrel
The Ohio Club with the company car!
Jam Night
Toni Nardi on keys
Always a packed house
Bo Derek, John Corbett and Skyman
J.P. Soars
Tommy singing and playing the Blues
Jammin on a Wednesday Night
Steve Garrigan of Kodaline jammin
Ohio Club Back Bar
Ohio Club
Ohio Club at night