The Ohio Club newly opened in 1905
The Ohio Club 1926 Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas

This picture is a rare one. This came from a postcard which was sold at the Ohio Club from 1905. When the casino opened it was a legal casino. It didnt become illegal until 1913 when anti-gambling laws were passed. The casino and sports book remained open until 1967!

The Ohio Club has been visited by almost every well known gangster of the time including Al Capone. He visited in the late 20's and enjoyed vacation time in Hot Springs. His arch enemy Bugs Moran vacationed here to and even at the same time once! Bugsy Segel frequented the Ohio Club and got his education here before going to Vegas. 

After prohibition the Ohio Cigar Store named remained for a while. You can see in this ad "All sporting results" and "Always Open". Pretty racy stuff for an illegal operation in 1937. Notice the two phone numbers.....210 and 211! 

Al Capone was one of the Ohio Club's more natorious visitors
Gangster Hangout
The Ohio Club became the Ohio Cigar Store during prohibition in Hot Springs, Arkansas
1937 Ad

Since 1905, Arkansas' oldest Bar.


Bragging rights is a big deal to us and there arent any as old as us that keeps the nightlife going like we do. For over 100 years the Ohio Club has been the place to be. It all started in 1905 as a Bar and Casino. The Ohio Club has been a stop off place for many a celebrity. Al Capone, Bugsy Segel, Bugs Moran, Lucky Luciano, just to name a few of the gangsters and it was also visited by many Major League Ball players since they had springs training in Hot Springs in the early 1900's. Babe Ruth was the most famous to visit. Because of all the gambling that went on in Hot Springs, many headliner talents were brought to Hot Springs. In 1915 Al Jolson performed at the Ohio Club, Mid 30's saw Mae West perform and an entire host of Blues and Jazz performers played though the 60's. Live entertainment is still the mainstay at the Ohio Club with music 7 nights a week.

1926 was during prohibition and the Ohio Club turned into a speakeasy in the truest sense of the word with the name changing to Ohio Cigar Store.  About 10 foot of the front was walled off to contain the cigar store with two doors that led into the bar and upstairs to the casino.